20 Awesome Wooden Pergolas for Your Home

If you have a garden or a space that lacks shadows and you are thinking of giving it a more enjoyable look that allows your family and friends to enjoy a meeting, the wooden pergolas are an option that you will love.

The wooden pergolas are wooden structures designed to provide shade, comfort and a space for meetings with distinction. These can give solid support to the vegetation allowing much more freshness to the destined space. Also, building a wooden pergola in your garden can also increase the value of your property.

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Using wood in the construction of a wooden pergola facilitates the adjustment of the measures and the design according to your needs. You don’t need special tools, you can get it without any problem, you can paint it, decorate it, or leave it to the natural. There is also something about the use of natural wood and it exudes an air of freshness that many prefer over other materials. The wooden pergolas offer beauty and a traditional character. The only detail is that using a natural material like wood is going to require regular maintenance to continue looking great.

What is the best place to install the wooden pergolas?

The wooden pergolas are not designed to completely block the sun, but to provide relief from direct sunlight, while allowing air to circulate freely. Most pergolas are independent, but a pergola can be connected to your home if you wish.

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A wooden pergola can be placed almost anywhere in your backyard, but common places include more than one outdoor dining area, along the side of a swimming pool, next to an open-air fireplace, or in a Jacuzzi. A wooden pergola can also be built on a track to provide a spectacular entrance into your backyard or garden.

What materials are used for the construction of wood pergolas?

The traditional wooden pergolas are built in wood. Popular outdoor wood types include pressure treated pine, cedar, redwood and teak wood. You will have a wooden pergola to be stained and sealed and require frequent maintenance. In recent years, many owners have changed to aluminum or vinyl pergolas because they are easier to maintain and the weather better than wood. Products like Alumawood mimic the appearance, texture and color of real wood, while offering a virtually maintenance-free pergola that is not susceptible to insect damage or rot.

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When you are building a wooden pergola there are many types of wood that you can consider. The most important thing to consider is the durability of the wood you select. You want to select the type of wood that best supports insects, rot and other types of corrosion.

If a wooden pergola is built without the wood being treated it is highly susceptible to the cold and humid climate. Without routine maintenance It is very likely that there are damages.

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The wooden pergolas are designed to create shaded spaces while allowing the passage of a good amount of air to the patio, hire a carpenter or a company to build it according to your needs gives you the opportunity to choose wood type, the color and even the final designs in the cuts of the beams that make your wooden pergola looks unique.

However if you are looking for a solution a little faster that does not require hiring someone or organize a plan, then the purchase of a wooden pergola kit is the option.

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Wooden Pergola Kit

As for the theme of wooden pergolas the purchase of the kit has many advantages. First of all, the wooden pergolas kits are pre-cut with the tools and instructions included in the kit for easy assembly of the wooden pergola. Second, the kits come in several sizes so you will have several options to choose the one that best suits your needs and cover your expectations of design. And third, the shops offer you warranty. Recommendations before ordering a wooden pergola kit: Be sure to measure the area where you plan to place it, check the type of wood used in the wood pergola as well as ask the type of treatment that is made to the wood.

Wooden pergola Kits come with an instruction leaflet with step-by-step diagrams and will include pre-pieces-marked construction such as beams and support poles, as well as corresponding hardware, glue and in some cases, tools.

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Please note that the addition of a wooden pergola may require a building inspection code and pre-ordered wooden pergolas cannot be refundable even if the unit is not up to the code. And before installing the beams on the ground, know where the underground wiring is and pipes as this can damage the measurements and usually the kits are not returnable. This inspection will provide damage to your property and the cost is raised.

Benefits of Wood Pergolas

A wooden pergola can do much more than just provide shade. In fact, a pergola can define an outdoor space, create a destination for friends and family, and provide a garden focal point. An idea to convert a medium wood Pergola into an impressive outdoor function is to grow climbing plants. Depending on the plant and the location of your pergola, climbing plants or can be cultivated directly on the floor or in containers. Another idea is to build benches and gardeners in the pergola.


The columns or poles of the wooden pergolas can add a decorative touch. Selecting posts or columns try to match the architecture of your home. The wooden poles can be adorned with brick or stone pedestals. Pergola columns can help you add to the general style of your garden. Prefabricated concrete columns are often used to create a Mediterranean look.

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How to Monitor Your Wooden Pergola

A wooden patio pergola will require annual maintenance. It will have to be treated regularly to keep the termites at bay and protect it from inclement weather. It also requires to be repainted frequently to maintain its original appearance.

If it is not maintained properly, the wood can rot and deteriorate quickly so it is necessary to replace the entire pergola of the patio. However, if you are well cared for you can enjoy the wooden pergola in the courtyard for many years.

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