Tips for Organizing Small Apartment

To blame the lean times we are living, many people can not have the house of their dreams, and more often than not have to settle for a tiny apartment. However, the fact that you have a space of about 50 square meters (or even less) does not mean that you have to live in deprivation. In this guide we will give you all the tips for organizing small apartment with intelligence, revealing numerous tricks on how to organize it.

small apartment storage ideas theydesign intended for organizing with regard to organizing small apartment Tips for Organizing Small Apartment

Take advantage of all spaces

The first rule, when you have a small house, is to take advantage of all possible spaces. So it seems a forcing, and yet there are air of the apartment that many do not consider. When you buy the bed, for example, choose a container, so that it can store your clothes or whatever. Along the walls, you can also organize a series of furniture and shelves, so that you store your stuff even at the top.

inspiring apartment organization ideas that perfect for small pertaining to organizing small apartment Tips for Organizing Small Apartment
Prefer light colors

Even the choice of colors is essential if you want to give your apartment airy. As for furniture and walls, you always choose clear colors or pastels, which are those that can provide a perception of greater space in the human eye. Also, if you are fond of FengShui, you will know that according to this ancient oriental discipline the colors of your apartment influence your mood. Many snub these theories, but in doubt we suggest you opt for colors that can in some way transmit cheerfulness.

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Surrounded by glass and mirrors

Another useful advice to provide airiness to your apartment is to fill it with mirrors. The fact that a mirror reflects everything in front of it gives the human eye the perception of doubled spaces. Try to photograph any room of your house with and without a mirror: you will see how the same environment looks bigger, if there is glass. A similar speech can also be made for some furniture: The table of the sofa, for example, you should take it in transparent glass, because in this way you will be useful but at the same time does not burden the environment.

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Opt for sliding doors

If you are thinking about renovations before settling into your new mini-apartment, take advantage of installing only sliding doors: the fact that the door leaf can be “hidden” in the wall, in fact, allows you to gain more space.

attractive small room storage ideas 1909 latest decoration ideas intended for organizing small apartment Tips for Organizing Small Apartment

Watch out for lights and curtains

In addition to spaces and colors, even the brightness can give the impression of a larger apartment. In front of the windows, it mounts white curtains or soft colors, and places with attention numerous light points in the house. This way you will provide your apartment with all the brightness you need.

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