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Having your own office at home probably is the best choice we ever decided. Why? Because in the personal office that you own, you can proceed with your job more efficiently than doing it in the actual office.

To build the most comfortable place to work on your home, you need a budget and a creative small office design idea. Even with a low budget, the office can look better and beautiful than an actual office.

Because of that, in this article, we will talk about building your own place to work with the finest comfiness you will ever feel.

Minimalist home office is the top choice

The minimalist home office is the easiest theme design we could start with at the beginning.

Do you know about the minimalist theme concept? It is basically to make a room in a small house look wider and spacious. We do not need an overall renovation to apply it. All we need is just an illusion to make it spacious. Quite fascinating, right? You may want to rejoice because the minimalist theme concept is much friendly to your budget, wallet, or credit card than any other theme concept.

minimalist concept
The minimalist concept uses neutral colors for the wall paint

So, this theme is suitable if you just built yourself a house. 

If you want to apply a minimalist theme, let us start with the wall paint first. The wall paint is the key that plays the most necessary part of the minimalist theme concept.

So, what paint color should we apply? Well, the minimalist concept uses neutral colors for the wall paint, such as white, gray, silver, black, and such.

Most people, including me, don’t know why, but they are able to create the illusion of space that I mentioned before.

So, the wall and ceiling are the ones that need to be painted. As my recommendation, I would pick gray or silver because they look modern and suitable in this advanced civilization age.

The minimalist and creative small office design only uses less furniture. Why? It is to help the wall paint create the illusion of the spacious room.

creative small office design
I would pick gray because they look modern and suitable in this advanced civilization age

With lesser furniture in that room, your mobility to move somehow will feel spacious. So, put the furniture that you really most, such as a working table and a chair. 

The furniture colors also play a part when we want to apply the minimalist theme concept. The best colors for the furniture in my mind will be a light wood color or use glass-based furniture instead.

Glass-based furniture may sound pricey, but it’s worth a try. As an example, a glass table will do the job to make an illusion of space to whoever entered your home office. Also, it somehow looks modern if we are using a glass table, right?

Don’t put any furniture that isn’t necessary when you’re working. Because you’re at your own house, and it will be better if you move your legs more for the sake of health.

The example is just like this, you need a drink and want to install a dispenser in that office. You don’t need it, because you can grab yourself a drink in the kitchen, and return to the office. It’s just a few meters difference, so that’s why we never need a water dispenser in the office.

As my last recommendation on this part, it will be better to install an Air Conditioner in your small and lovely office at home. This electronic furniture plays a huge impact on the office’s comfiness. Not just that, they also give you a lot of benefits for health, especially if you are living in a country with a tropical climate.

creative small office design
Don’t put any furniture that isn’t necessary when you’re working

Air Conditioner can make you avoid health problems, like heat stroke, dehydration, and reduce asthma attacks.

The luckiest part is, the Air Conditioner works more efficiently in a smaller room than bigger ones.

The cold air breeze quicker, and you don’t have to worry about the electricity bill because you only installed one Air Conditioner. So, it is basically Energy-friendly and Energy-Efficient.

Wow, those are wholesome benefits we could get in the small office at home.

A bit of color? You got it

The minimalist theme doesn’t suit you well? And you don’t have a lot of budget too? Well, that is unfortunate, but you are also lucky. Apparently, the minimalist theme is not just using neutral colors like white, gray, or silver. Pastel colors also considered being a part of neutral colors. I guarantee that it will look beautiful and feminine.

Meanwhile, the budget will be the same as the previous minimalist concept we just talked about, more or less actually. 

Minimalist pastel theme concept

What do you know about the pastel colors? You aren’t sure yet? Well, pastel colors are any base color that is desaturated with white, or in short, the color is lightened. As an example, a red color. What will happen if you desaturate red? It will turn into a pink color. And so did other colors, green become light green, blue become a light blue mint. That is why the minimalist pastel theme concept is my second top choice. 

Have you considered thinking about the furniture? You can make it do the same as the previous minimalist one, or you can just put anything that looks feminine in your home office. For the furniture color, it will be best if they are also  

As my recommendation on this part, I will prefer the pink as the wall paint or the light blue paint. For the furniture, I will pick different pastel colors. As an example, I apply a pink as the wall paint and light blue mint for the furniture.


As a summary, the best way to build yourself the most comfortable home office when you don’t have much budget is by using the minimalist theme.

The minimalist office is the most creative small office design, especially in this modern and advanced age.

The minimalist theme design idea suits better in the small room space because it is specially designed to make a small home looks beautiful. It can give you some health benefits too.

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