How to Decorate an Office on Mezzanine

DapOffice.Com, How to Decorate an Office on Mezzanine – Owning an office is the dream of many people, especially those who work as a lawyer or as a designer, but also in many other areas. Having a tastefully decorated then is what makes the difference with the customers, who will feel at ease and welcomed within a welcoming and familiar work-space. Sometimes it can happen that your office is located on the mezzanine of a huge room. So how do you furnish an office on the mezzanine in a simple and elegant way? Here are some ideas on how to decorate an office on mezzanine. Sometimes the project is difficult due to the reduced space. However, with the right suggestions you can design an area that can best represent your personality, improve the architectural style of the whole and ensure functionality and comfort at the same time.

Choose the color of the walls and add lamps

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Since most of the lofts that house a mezzanine have high ceilings, it is worth accentuating this feature, taking it back into your office space. Add suggestive rice paper lamps from the floor to increase the vertical effect. Do not insert too cumbersome furniture: It opts for a desk with a transparent surface that will be a focal point. When you choose the color of the walls, avoid the white. Depending on the type of mood you want to set, it opts for shades that can involve you emotionally and psychologically. If you are looking to increase your energy level, lean towards the Reds and violets. For a feeling of tranquility and peace, clear to the shades of blue.

Choose the Furnishing Accessories

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If you have corners or shelving made in the walls, make them stand out from the architectural point of view and not only functional. A very original idea is to place a futon armchair in a recessed area, or even better, to install a flat screen TV in the wall, which will add size to the room. You can also use it as a projector, a tool of great utility for the office. Choose ergonomic and design furniture. Create a living area away from the desk with a sofa or two armchairs and a small table for less formal moments. The high position does not favor a good air exchange. To remedy this inconvenience, you can install a ceiling fan. Soften the decor with a couple of plants: papyrus and bamboo will be perfect.

Asian Style Furnishing

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Marvel at an Asian-flavored design that combines the strength of minimal with beauty from simplicity. Oriented on a few pieces, but of great quality. Choose them with a glossy finish and present detailed engravings, typical of traditional Chinese design. A desk in ivory with silver accents will give the studio a new light. In the relaxation area enter a low table and complete it with floor cushions. Do not forget to dress the walls with a series of linear frames, framed in inlaid wood, or, for a pleasant stylistic contrast, with satin steel frames. Certainly to furnish an office there is need of much taste and eye for the beautiful and classy things, especially you have to be sober and elegant.


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