8 Hot Home Decor Trends for 2018

Another year begins for interior design, and we can expect new trends to surface – some new and other staging a major comeback. Here are 8 of the home decor trends that we can look forward to this 2017.

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1. Formal Dining Rooms

If you’re going for elegance and sophistication with your interior design this 2017, a good place to start is the dining room. Lately, dining rooms have been pulling double duty, both as an office during the day and a place to dine in and entertain guests at night. This trend seems to be waning, as more and more people are putting more effort in turning their dining rooms into more formal and stylish areas of their homes.

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2. Mismatched Kitchen Cabinets

Time to play around with shapes and colors, and in your kitchen, too! Two-tone themes are fast creeping up on our list of favorite kitchen decorating trends, and we’re glad to see it come in strong this year! This is a great way to add a bit of drama to your kitchen while still maintaining a degree of minimalism to it!

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3. Statement Bathroom Mirrors

Transform the look of your bathroom by installing statement mirrors – mid-sized to large, with various shapes and eye-catching designs. Square, rectangle and round mirrors are no longer enough; they have to be bold and even aggressive. Hey, who said bathroom mirrors should be boring?

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4. Heated Floors

Heated floors are considered a staple in homes in several Asian countries, and they are also being adapted in the West. This particularly comes in handy during the cold months. Although heating the complete floor area of the home is still a bit too much, applying it to the entryway or threshold is more than enough.

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5. Homey and Cozy Living Rooms

There’s no need to throw out your home theater and entertainment system or those techie-inspired chairs. With a few touches and tweaks here and there, you can still manage to transform your living room into a family room more than a digital room. Move them to a different room, maybe, and turn your living room into a place for relaxation, where you could curl up with a good book, or sit around with family for a chat. Go floral or pastel, trade those hard-edged and corners for rounded furniture, throw in comfy pillows and soft upholstery, and you’re set!

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6. Vintage and Artisan Items

It looks like we all want a break from all the utilitarian and “high-tech” aesthetic that we have been exposed to recently; now we are craving to have that earthy and Old World vibe back. And what better way to do that than by going vintage and handmade with your decorations? Woven wall decor, handmade tapestries, embroidered brocades and upholstery, and dainty antiques are only a few of the additions you can consider putting in your home.

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7. Fireplaces

Nothing says “traditional” and “Old World” than a fireplace as a centerpiece of your living room. These are certainly coming back in full force this year, and we welcome them with open arms. After all, they serve two things: provide heating during the cold winter months and hike up the charm factor of your home at the same time!

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8. Statement Lighting

Recent years have seen an increased interest in statement lights, and that trend looks set to continue this year, with the range becoming wider and more expansive than ever. Aside from glass and metals, other materials that are being used in these statement lights and pendants include brass, rattan and bamboo. Powered by LED lighting technology, these make for a trendy and highly functional – not to mention energy-saving and efficient – combination.

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